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Hipraspray® device

Hipraspray® is a specific vaccination spray device that ensures accuracy, precision, consistency and reliability.

Hipraspray® is a ground-breaking machine designed by HIPRA for the administration of EVALON® and EVANT® (HIPRA’s live vaccines against coccidiosis in broiler breeders and laying hens) in the hatchery.

This new concept of spray device is able to provide accuracy, precision, consistency, reliability and traceability in vaccination.

Hipraspray® provides professionals with innovative management systems and technologies:

  • Precise in drop and volume administration; control of the piston is electronic and not pneumatic.
  • Automatic and easy to use as it automatically regulates the pressure and the volume of the administration.

  • Automatic detection of the dimension of the chicks’ boxes and the speed of the conveyor belt, then adjusts the vaccine administration accordingly.

  • Audible alert when the vaccine is about to finish in the tank. If the tank cannot be filled in time, Hipraspray® will stop automatically, preventing the occurrence of boxes which have not been vaccinated or boxes being vaccinated with an incorrect dose.

  • Requires minimal maintenance and remote technical assistance and software improvements can be received.

  • Finally, this device is able to register information for the traceability system thanks to HIPRAlink®, an app developed by HIPRA to provide traceability services in vaccination processes.

This project has been cofunded by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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