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“Intradermal route for pig vaccination“, first HIPRA Roadshow in Germany


During the week of the 23rd-27th September, took place in Germany the first HIPRA Roadshow to discuss the intradermal route for pig vaccination with German vets.


The Roadshow stopped in five important areas for the pig industry in Germany (MünsterAumühleLeipzigFichtenau and Landshut) and was attended by more than 50 swine veterinarians from different veterinary practices.

In recent years, intradermal vaccination has been on the increase in Europe as an alternative option to reduce the stress of vaccination and the risk of iatrogenic disease transmission on pig farms.


The intradermal application of vaccines with a needle-free injector involves the administration of small volume of vaccine of around 0.2 ml, which causes less anxiety and pain to the animal.

UNISTRAIN® PRRS vaccine (against porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome) obtained approval for the intradermal route in 2015 with the use of the Hipradermic® needle-free device, the first medical device for swine developed by HIPRA.


With more than 20 countries (in Europe and Asia) already using Hipradermic®, the doses applied intradermally now account for 30% of total sales of the vaccine.

The Roadshow also benefited from the collaboration of Dr. Lothar Richter, member of the Animal Health Services in Bavaria, who shared with the attendees his broad experience with the use of Hipradermic® on several pig farms for the vaccination of both sows and piglets.