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Introducing a new concept of vaccine against coccidiosis: EVANT® with HIPRAMUNE® T


At HIPRA we have registered in the European Union EVANT®, a new attenuated live vaccine against coccidiosis in poultry, both as a clinical and a subclinical disease.

EVANT®, in addition to a careful composition to ensure an effective protection against the disease, is accompanied by the advanced solvent HIPRAMUNE® T.


This solvent contains a purple colouring agent and a vanillin aroma to encourage ingestion of the vaccine and, as a new feature, an adjuvant that acts as an immunomodulator, thus providing more effective and long-lasting immunity against the disease.

Thanks to its unique characteristics, EVANT® continues to contribute to our overall goal of achieving good intestinal health and excellent productive results.

EVANT® has an RFID chip and can be administered with a smart "coarse spray" device


With EVANT®, HIPRA is continuing its commitment to the SMART VACCINATION concept, facilitating optimum application of the vaccine with a coarse spray vaccination device and incorporating a RFID chip into the label on the vaccine vial that will help to ensure traceability in the vaccination process.

EVANT® with HIPRAMUNE® T is already available in Europe, increasing its global presence in the coming months.

With this new vaccine, from HIPRA we reaffirm our commitment to the prevention of avian coccidiosis, providing innovation and technology to the Animal Health industry.