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Introducing our new site dedicated to M. hyo & PCV2 prevention


We are proud to present our brand new site, the place where you will find everything about MHYOSPHERE® PCV ID (the first intradermal needle-free vaccine against Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae and PCV2, all in one) and its Nexhyon antigen (the new and innovative biological entity specially designed for MHYOSPHERE® PCV ID).


Get the most out of the latest Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae & PCV2 information coming from the experts, who will help to provide a more global view of both pathologies and the intradermal route, with videos and publications.

Also, you can get in-depth knowledge about the benefits of the intradermal route together with Hipradermic 3.0, our innovative needle-free device with IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity.

And don't miss the opportunity to keep an eye out for our wide range of services to further boost MHYOSPHERE® PCV ID efficiency.

We invite you to visit us at to get a fresh look at all the MHYOSPHERE® PCV ID world.