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Malaysia and China received an HIPRA University training course to improve technician’s skills


At the end of November, two HIPRA University training courses were held in Malaysia and China, as part of HIPRA’s commitment to improve the skills of all the veterinarians around the world.

In Kuala Lumpur, veterinarians and producers gathered for what was the first HIPRA University course on pigs to be held in the country, which was organised on the premises of University Putra Malaysia (UPM).


The course was called “HOW TO CONTROL NEONATAL DIARHOEA”. Those attending received a day of training, which started with a theoretical session given by Sittikorn Traiyarach (Regional Technical Marketing Services), Ignacio Bernal (Corporate Brand Manager) and Oriol Boix (Corporate Product Manager).

It was focused on environmental control in the farrowing room, the use of nutrition to improve the intestinal health of the sow and of the piglet, the management of replacements, following good management practice during the first hours of the piglet’s life and, above all, the health status of the farm.

The day continued with a contribution by Professor Dr. Ooi Peck Toung, who recounted the country’s experience with regard to neonatal diarrhoea.

During the second day, the course continued with a necropsy session, which focussed on correct sampling for the diagnosis of gastrointestinal disease processes.


The week ended in the city of Nanyang (China), at the facilities of one of the most important swine production companies in the country and the world: Muyuan Foods.

At its premises, a new HIPRA University course was delivered to the company’s technical team. Present were Ming Hsun Wu (Regional Technical and Marketing Manager), Chenfei Zhang (Technical Marketing Manager) and Wang Bin (Key Account).