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MHYOSPHERE® PCV ID: History starts here!


At HIPRA we have launched to the European market our new vaccine MHYOSPHERE® PCV ID, the first needle-free intradermal vaccine against Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae and PCV2, all in one.


This launch was held by streaming live in an innovative format, a TV show, which was an exclusive experience, where all attendees around different European venues were able to participate live from their countries and have access to the round table with the speakers.


MHYOSPHERE® PCV ID is the first vaccine based on an inactivated recombinant Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae strain, called NEXHYON, which represents the new generation of M.hyo vaccines based on recombinant biotechnology.

With NEXHYON, HIPRA has developed a new and innovative biological entity.


With this new vaccine on the market, the process of vaccination against M.hyo and PCV2 is quick, easy and safe, thanks to its needle-free intradermal administration and to the fact that it is a product for a single application, i.e. it is ready to use.

MHYOSPHERE® PCV ID arrives also with HIPRA’s new vaccination device, Hipradermic® 3.0, which can be positioned as the lightest and only needle-free intradermal device for swine vaccination with IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity.


A complete range of services to boost MHYOSPHERE® PCV ID efficiency

HIPRA is always working to provide all kinds of services that help to improve their customers’ businesses, and of course MHYOSPHERE® PCV ID will be no exception. In addition to the new Hipradermic 3.0, HIPRA presents two new services: Together Piglets and AI Diagnos.

The Together Piglets programme, which is a programme that analyses the situation of the farm or company with regard to PRRS, M.hyo and PCV2, and the productive and economic effects of this situation, guaranteeing correct decision-making.

Technology is an important part of all of HIPRA’s innovative service. Therefore a new service, named AI Diagnos, has also been launched. It consists of an innovative artificial intelligence system to evaluate lung lesions through images, which can be linked to the economic impact that they have on the farm. Therefore, the diagnosis of Enzootic Pneumonia is now easy, straightforward and reliable.

The launch of MHYOSPHERE® PCV ID represents a great step forward in the future of HIPRA.

This is a completely innovative vaccine that will provide a whole range of benefits to the producer which have been missing up to now. As one of HIPRA’s commitments says, without innovation, there is no project.