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Milk quality and mastitis control: HIPRA’s key focus in the latest session of the Caprine Forum

Sheep and goats

HIPRA attended the Xth National Caprine Forum which was held in Antequera (Málaga) on 30th May last as part of the Health module.


The company participated in the Health module where Miguel Ángel Sanz (Small Ruminants Specialist at HIPRA), explained the cost of each of the key control points in a mastitis prevention programme.

During his presentation, he outlined which were the points which represented a greater or lower cost in the prevention plan. Thus, the replacement of animals involves the greatest investment for the farmer whilst vaccination with VIMCO®, a vaccine against caprine and ovine mastitis, involved the lowest cost of all in the plan.


The following day, the  AGROGANT’19 technical sessions took place with a presentation on milk quality in which the importance of a Mastitis Control Programme for farm efficiency and the production of milk of a quality to meet market demands was explained.

In total, over 200 people attended the HIPRA sessions on milk quality and mastitis prevention.

Participation in this type of event gives HIPRA the opportunity to offer those attending practical information on mastitis control and milk quality. The dissemination of knowledge forms part of HIPRA’s DNA and of its commitment to the continuous training of goat professionals in Spain.