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More innovation for the Philippines with the arrival of MHYOSPHERE® PCV ID


The much anticipated launch of the vaccine MHYOSPHERE® PCV ID, the first and only combined intradermal vaccine for the prevention of enzootic pneumonia and porcine circovirus, took place on 26 April last.

The launch event, that was held in Alabang, Manila, brought together over 100 producers and veterinarians from all over the country. At the event it was possible to feel the optimism and resilience of a sector that has been badly hit by African swine fever but which is already experiencing growth, which is certainly good news.

Bearing in mind the sector’s current situation, the speakers focussed on this new reality. Dr. Romeo Sanchez Jr (Univ. of the Philippines Los Baños) spoke of the important role of the Porcine Circovirus and Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae in the current situation of repopulation of Philippine farms and the need to establish effective vaccination programmes. For his part, Dr. Joseph Emil Rubico (Hipra Philippines) discussed the benefits that the use of intradermal solutions can bring, restricting the transmission of these viruses.

Mhyosphere Philippines

Gabriel Álvarez (Product Manager Swine), Nacho Bernal (Franchise Manager Swine) and Alex Wu (RTMM Swine), were responsible for explaining the distinctive features of Mhyosphere® PCV ID, the further improvements and functionalities of Hipradermic® and the wide range of services associated with Mhyosphere® PCV ID, highlighting the novel system of evaluating pulmonary lesions by Artificial Intelligence, AI Diagnos®.

But this launch did not finish here. Taking advantage of the 29th Hog Convention, the foremost event for producers and veterinarians in the Philippine swine sector, HIPRA, as the principal sponsor, was able to provide the over 2000 attendees with more in-depth information on this new product and to allow them to try out vaccination with Hipradermic® on the spot. 

With the arrival of Mhyosphere® PCV ID in the Philippines and the new functionalities of Hipradermic®, there opens a world of benefits and opportunities for the professionals in a sector in recovery, which needs this type of innovation to regain the position that it deserves. 

Mhyosphere Philippines