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NASYM, the new BRSV strategy has started throughout Europe


NASYM, our new vaccine against the bovine respiratory syncytial virus (BRSV) has been available to the majority of European countries since 29th July last, the date when HIPRA obtained the product registration.


This is why, over the last few months, we have held various launch events in over 15 countries, specifically in:

Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Greece, Austria, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Latvia and Estonia. Soon it will be available in other countries inside of EMA.

The purpose of these launch events was to explain how NASYM - the only intranasal and intramuscular vaccine against BRSV - works, as well as the laborious R&D development process and how it fits into HIPRA’s vaccination plan for ruminants.


We were also joined by leading experts in respiratory diseases, who shed light on the pathogenicity of this virus and its devastating effect on any production system.

With the arrival of NASYM, bovine veterinarians now have an innovative and flexible tool at their disposal for their daily practice in the prevention of BRSV.