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The new trivalent vaccine ERYSENG® PARVO/LEPTO arrives in COLOMBIA


HIPRA Colombia organized three events in Bogotá, Buga and Medellín respectively for the launch of the new trivalent vaccine ERYSENG® PARVO/LEPTO.

Between 23rd and 25th November, HIPRA brought together over 150 professionals from the Colombian swine sector at three sessions, the main focus of which was a practical review of the most common reproductive problems in sows. Fernando P. Bartolozzo (Professor, Federal University of Río Grande do Sul, Brazil) started the presentations with a talk that focussed on the non-infectious causes of reproductive problems, summarizing all the factors that can affect production parameters on a commercial farm. @Isaac Rodríguez Ballarà​ (Regional Technical & Marketing Manager, Hipra) then presented a new approach to the control of infectious reproductive problems, covering diagnosis, management, control and prevention of these under field conditions.

To conclude the sessions, @Ruth del Carmen Hinestrosa Guerrero​ (Technical & Marketing Manager, Hipra Colombia) presented the new trivalent vaccine against Swine Erysipelas, Parvovirosis and Leptospirosis: ERYSENG® PARVO/LEPTO, a unique and innovative vaccine that will revolutionise the market thanks to its perfect balance between safety and efficacy.

With the launch of ERYSENG® PARVO/LEPTO, HIPRA consolidates the SENG range as “the most modern and complete range of vaccines for breeders”, and reinforces its commitment to continue growing as the Reference in Prevention for Animal Health.