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Our new vaccine against coccidiosis arrives in Vietnam


In Vietnam, coccidiosis has been a difficult problem to deal with, not only for breeder farms but also for broiler farms. Because the profits of a broiler farm are determined by feed efficiency, intestinal disease inhibiting nutrient absorption is the most critical disease to be managed.

On 22nd April, HIPRA Vietnam introduced a new solution against coccidiosis with our new vaccine EVANT®, in a launch event that took place in the New World Hotel, Hochiminh city.


It was a magnificent event, with the participation of 100 important industrial leaders from the southern region of Vietnam.

At the event, Nguyen Thi Thu Nam (Nong lam University) explained how coccidiosis on broiler farms causes serious economic losses by decreasing feed efficiency as a result of intestinal disease. She also explained that coccidiosis can also trigger various other diseases because it destroys the physical barrier in the intestinal wall of chickens


In the second presentation, Dr. Vu Lam Nguyen, Technical & Marketing Manager at HIPRA, introduced EVANT®, an excellent preventive solution against great economic losses caused by coccidiosis.

He emphasized the correct vaccination process when he introduced ‘Hipraspray®’HIPRA’s smart vaccination device, which is able to provide accuracy, precision, consistency, reliability and traceability in the hatchery.

As the most advanced animal health company in the field of coccidiosis, HIPRA plans to provide more information to Vietnamese customers. This action guarantees the success of vaccination and affirms HIPRA as a reference for prevention in poultry health.