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‘Safe Power’, HIPRA reaffirms its commitment to swine health in Thailand


During the last week of February, HIPRA held a successful series of events in Thailand under the name "Safe Power", aiming to present the benefits of intradermal vaccination of MHYOSPHERE® PCV ID and UNISTRAIN® PRRS with Hipradermic® while highlighting the benefits of traceability in vaccination with HIPRAlink® Vaccination.


The events were held in Pak Chong, Chai Nat, Chaiyaphum and Ratchaburi and were attended by more than 100 attendees from the country's main swine companies. The roadshow programme dealt with swine health from a holistic point of view:

  • Alex Wu, Regional Technical Marketing Manager Asia, gave an update on the current situation of the pork sector globally and in Asia.
  • Gabriel Alvarez and Salvador Romero, Global Product Managers, presented the latest news and results of Mhyosphere® PCV ID and Unistrain® PRRS.
  • Fernando De Mergelina, Global Product Manager, presented the benefits of intradermal vaccination with Hipradermic® and the traceability of vaccination through HIPRAlink® vaccination.

With these events, HIPRA reaffirms its constant commitment to the training of professionals in the sector, animal welfare, the prevention of these diseases and the development of innovative solutions that contribute to the improvement of swine health.