Safety concerns regarding coccidiosis vaccines. Comparison of attenuated and non-attenuated vaccines

Appeared in: WVPA Congress, 2017
Authors: Dardi, M.; Baratelli, M.; Boix, O.; Pagès, M.

The aim of this study was to compare the safety parameters of commercial non-attenuated and attenuated (Jeffers, 1975) Eimeria vaccines with EVALON®, a live attenuated coccidiosis vaccine for breeders and layers. 525 chickens were vaccinated orally at 1 day of age with either PBS (group 1), an attenuated vaccine (groups 2 and 4), including EVALON® (HIPRA) (group 2), or non-attenuated vaccines (groups 3 and 5).

The outcomes of this trial suggest that both attenuation and also its grade might be important factors to take into account when selecting live coccidiosis vaccines. This study also supports the safety of EVALON®, a live attenuated vaccine designed to confer protection without compromising the health status of vaccinated animals.

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