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The SENG range is introduced in Vietnam with RHINISENG®


RHINISENG®, the only vaccine registered for the prevention of both progressive and non-progressive atrophic rhinitis in pigs, was introduced at Nong Lam University in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.


The event was managed by Nhat Duong (Technical and Marketing Manager, Vietnam), together with Sergi Bruguera (Regional Manager Asia).

The presentation was led by Alba Martos (Corporate Group Product Manager) and Ming Hsun Wu (Regional Technical and Marketing Manager, Asia) who presented the latest developments regarding atrophic rhinitis to the principal producers in the country, emphasizing its different presentations, its diagnosis and prevention, and the current global situation.

During the presentation, special emphasis was placed on the significant return on investment brought by vaccination against the disease, with participants being able to simulate several real cases.

RHINISENG® is the first vaccine in the SENG range to arrive in the country. This range of products for breeders is distinguished by the fact that it shares the exclusive, state-of-the -art ginsenoside-based adjuvant, HIPRAMUNE® Gd, which gives its name to HIPRA’s SENG vaccine line.

To conclude the event, there was a practical session which focussed on the evaluation of turbinate lesions for the diagnosis of the disease, during which those attending could actively participate in the evaluation and discussion of the results.

With the launch of RHINISENG®, HIPRA continues to consolidate its position as the reference in prevention, delivering distinctive and innovative vaccines for Animal Health.