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Setting the record straight on vaccination against coccidiosis

Authors: Alameda, J.; Fernándex, J.; Sierra, C.; Molinero, A.; Dardi, M.; Rubio, J.

Vaccination against coccidiosis in broilers has become an increasingly important part of a global prevention strategy against the disease. Not only it is an effective treatment against the clinical disease, but it also represents a clear improvement in zootechnical results when vaccines are rotated with classic anticoccidial programmes. There are several studies in HIPRA’s Area Coccidia that show and explain these improvements.

The decision to use vaccines against coccidiosis instead of and/or in rotation with coccidiostats should be based on technical and economic criteria, evaluating the times of year when infection pressure could be greatest or there could be factors predisposing to greater intestinal disequilibrium.

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