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SMART VACCINATION by HIPRA, total vaccination control at the ESPHM congress


The tenth ESPHM congress was the venue selected by HIPRA to complete the launch of its SMART VACCINATION concept.

The company organized a session before the congress entitled “Facing a new era in Swine vaccination”, where it announced the inclusion of RFID (radio frequency identification) technology in its entire range of swine vaccines that can be administered by means of two medical devices; HIPRADERMIC® 2.0 for the intradermal administration of vaccines and HipraQnect®, the first IOT medical device in the world for the intramuscular injection of vaccines.

The SMART VACCINATION concept is completed by HIPRAlink® Vaccination, the software that offers complete and automated traceability of the vaccination process. With the inclusion of RFID technology in its swine vaccines, the company is in the vanguard of technology and innovation in the world of Animal Health, giving each vaccine a unique identity that allows complete tracking of each administration.

HipraQnect®, the first IOT medical device in the world

HIPRA has extended its range of vaccination devices with HipraQnect®, the new injector for the administration of intramuscular vaccines which contains 3 absolutely distinctive elements, making it unique in its category; an RFID antenna with all-round 360º read angle, a sensor that is able to detect the quality of the vaccination and finally a SIM card is incorporated in it which is able to communicate automatically and completely independently for the transmission of data to the final, but essential element of SV known as HIPRAlink® vaccination.

HIPRAlink® Vaccination, complete traceability of the vaccination process

This software developed entirely by HIPRA, is able to collect, analyse and supply completely new data concerning the vaccination process, enabling the user to take decisions, improve efficiency and obtain information automatically in real time, which is bound to make life easier for the main players in swine production.

Global swine production is undergoing a complete technological revolution and this has resulted in the appearance of global initiatives such as Precision Livestock Farming, the objective of which is to apply the technology that is available in the world to livestock farming.

Against this background of a future in which technology will play a major part, HIPRA, as the reference in prevention, emphasizes its commitment to Animal Health and its leadership in traceability in the vaccination process and its innovative concept SMART VACCINATION.

HIPRA will be present as a Gold Sponsor at the IPVS congress 2018 from 11 to 14 June in Chongqing, China.