Theoretical & Practical HIPRA University course on Avian Metapneumovirus disease takes place in Morocco


Avian Metapneumovirus used to be regarded as a minor respiratory pathogen by veterinarians and poultry producers in the North Africa region.


However, with the incidence of Low Pathogenic Avian Influenza in this area in recent years, which is associated with substantial losses, and the large increase in virulence of other respiratory pathogens, more research was undertaken into Metapneumovirus as a possible and underestimated serious pathogen, as part of complex respiratory syndromes.

This led to a demand for intensive training in this disease and its diagnosis, an area in which HIPRA is considered to be the leader in Avian Metapneumovirus prevention in poultry.

On February 15th 2020, HIPRA organized a HIPRA University course focusing on Avian Metapneumovirus in Marrakech (Morocco). Forty veterinarians from Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia participated in the programme.


The course was divided into two sessions, namely: lectures and practical sessions. The lecture session targeted Avian Metapneumovirus diseasediagnosis, control, prevention, necropsy procedures and sampling for respiratory diseases with specific focus on aMPV.

This session provided in-depth information from field experience so that participants were well informed on the disease and its management. 

The practical session was introduced first by a short review of different laboratory methods used for the diagnosis of Avian Metapneumovirus. The session then continued by separating participants into different groups assigned to broilers, layers and breeders respectively, to provide them with real case studies and to encourage active participation.


The participants had an excellent brainstorming session and gained good knowledge from the real case studies, ending with a test to evaluate their level of understanding of this programme.

The course is accredited by The CPD Certification Service (an independent accreditation body) and is part of the HIPRA University continuing education programme that offers customized training solutions for veterinarians.

With this initiative, HIPRA emphasizes its commitment to Prevention in both Animal Health and aMPV disease.