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Understanding ELISA in vaccination against Gumboro disease

Date: Nov 22, 2016

This is the first point to consider. In simple terms, from an antigen perspective (studies on cross-Virus Neutralisation) serotype 1 Gumboro viruses can be divided into classic and variant strains. When applying the protectotype concept and carrying out cross-challenge studies, the result is the same: serotype 1 viruses are divided into classic and variant strains. And what about highly virulent viruses? From an antigen or protectotype perspective, the immunity generated by the classic strains protects against such viruses.


ELISA kits provide quantitative but not qualitative data on the immune status of birds. Blood levels of antibodies can be measured, but the specificity of these antibodies cannot be determined. When referring to ELISA titres, it is important to specify which kit has been used to analyse the sera.

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