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VEPURED® launch changes the paradigm of oedema disease in Korea


VEPURED® is now available in Korea - the first vaccine to be registered against oedema disease in the country.

HIPRA Korea presented the vaccine the past 20th of May with an online launch, the key event in which was the webinar entitled "Unlock the productivity of your farm with the new recombinant verotoxin 2e vaccine", led by Professor Young-Soo Lyoo (Dean of the University of Konkuk).


Professor Lyoo’s presentation focused on the results of field trials carried out on three different local farms, where fattening pigs in the group vaccinated with VEPURED® were slaughtered 10 days earlier. It also reported that complete prevention of clinical signs and mortality (100% reduction) due to oedema disease of pigs was demonstrated in the vaccinated groups.

After using VEPURED®, these farms also had additional advantages, such as an improvement in the average daily gain, a reduction in manure treatment costs and a greater uniformity of the fattening pigs. Professor Lyoo affirmed that "farmers can see the efficacy of VEPURED® with their own eyes. It will provide economic benefits and reduce the farmer’s environmental burden”.

Dr. Sangwon Seo (Business Unit Manager at HIPRA Korea) also contributed, adding that "Up until now, control of oedema disease has been based on zinc oxide or the restriction of feed, but we hope that a new paradigm is opening with the release of the recombinant verotoxin 2e vaccine".

The arrival of VEPURED, a revolutionary solution against oedema disease, aroused a great deal of interest with over 3,500 views online and many questions which were answered by Professor Lyoo, the technical team from Hipra Korea and Hipra Central.

With the arrival of VEPURED® in Korea, HIPRA is extending its range of products in the country and reaffirms its commitment to the swine sector as the reference in prevention.