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VEPURED®, the only vaccine against edema disease is now available in Brazil



In the beginning of August, in the context of 12th Simpósio Brasil Sul de Suinocultura, HIPRA launched VEPURED®, the only registered vaccine against edema disease in Brazil.

The event, which took place in the city of Chapecó (Santa Catarina), brought together around 250 professionals from the swine industry, from veterinarians to zootechnicians and technologists.


During the symposium, under the title “Re-emergence of diseases and tools for the control of Edema Disease”, Dr. Djane Dallanora (Integrall Animal Production Solutions) shared her experience in the control of the disease with those attending.

For his part, Gabriel Faria (technical and marketing manager at HIPRA) presented VEROCHECK, the diagnostic tool developed by HIPRA for the detection and confirmation of edema disease.


This talk also included the presentation of the results of a study of more than 46 Brazilian farms where positivity for Verotoxin 2e, the toxin responsible for edema disease, was over 90%.

Given this scenario of high prevalence, HIPRA supports prevention with the use of VEPURED®, the only vaccine indicated for the prevention of mortality and the control of delayed growth associated with edema disease.

All this thanks to the recombinant technology of its Verotoxin 2e, the use of a double adjuvant, aluminium hydroxide and DEAE, and its characteristic purification process.


With the arrival of VEPURED® and VEROCHECK in Brazil, HIPRA continues its support for diagnosis and prevention as a mechanism for the control of diseases past, present and future, in an ever more challenging global farming environment.