VEPURED® , the purified vaccine against edema disease arrives in Thailand


On 10th, 11th and 12th of July, HIPRA THAILAND launched VEPURED®, a new vaccine against edema disease registered in Thailand. The launch events took place in different locations around the country and were attended by over 200 swine specialists from all over Thailand.


Those present were able to learn about edema disease from professors Kitcha Urairong and Pariwat Poolperm, and also learned about the new tool for its control, VEPURED®, and the diagnostic kitVEROCHECK.

Indicated for administration from the second day of life and designed to prevent mortality and reduce losses in average daily weight gain associated with Vt2e infection, VEPURED® is the only vaccine on the market against edema disease.


During the event, audiovisual facilities were used to present the vaccine purification process by means of which a purified antigen is obtained which, combined with a double adjuvant (aluminium hydroxide and DEAE), goes to make VEPURED®, the perfect antigen-adjuvant combination.

This combination generates a rapid and lasting immune response that persists until the end of the fattening phase.

The safety of the vaccine has been demonstrated under Thai farm conditions in 2-day old piglets, whilst the efficacy of VEPURED® is evident from the increase in weight and average daily gain as well as in the reduction in clinical signs and mortality.

VEROCHECK, a new diagnostic tool developed by HIPRA to confirm and monitor edema disease on the farm by sampling oral fluids, was also presented.

With the launch of VEPURED®, HIPRA provides the only biological tool for the control and prevention of edema disease, a disease that is widespread on Thai farms where the mortality rate could reach 20% of piglets in the nursery phase, increasing during the rainy season.