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What is the Global Hatchery Health Programme?


Hatcheries play a key role in connecting the origin of the hatching eggs and the destination of the newly hatched chicks, meaning that they are the essential link between the world of breeders and broiler farms. So, it is crucial that there is proper control of all their operations.

The GLOBAL HATCHERY HEALTH PROGRAMME (GHHP) by HIPRA will help producers to achieve maximum health performance results through the implementation of several evaluations performed by a team of specialists.

The GHHP is a complete programme of visits based on the following three blocks:

OPTIMISATION OF VACCINATION PROCEDURES to ensure correct in-ovo / subcutaneous / spray vaccination to reduce procedure failures and, consequently, to achieve better safety and efficacy of vaccination.

DOC QUALITY CONTROL focused on guaranteeing that the chicks leave the hatchery in the best condition.

- And finally, thanks to to Hiprastats, a HATCHERY ANALYSIS is performed to assess the different KPI such as hatchability and 1st week mortality with an in-depth analysis considering the main variable factors such as the breeder farm, breeder age, days of storage, hatchers, setters, and other variables that can affect final hatchability and 1st week mortality.

All the data and results collected from these evaluations will be compiled in a final report.

Through these evaluations, critical points can be detected more easily and this can help the hatchery team take better decisions.