Zootechnical and economical evaluation of the use of a live anticoccidial vaccine in rotation with anticoccidial products in broiler chickens



Authors: Dardi, M.; De Gussem, M.; Van Mullem, K.; Van Meirhaeghe, H.; Vandenbussche, N.; Pagès, M.; Rubio, J.

In industrial poultry production, designing a preventive program for controlling coccidiosis is one of the most important decisions to be made in order to safeguard or improve zootechnical and financial results. Usually in-feed anticoccidials are used in these programs and traditionally were considered sufficient for controlling clinical coccidiosis. Live coccidiosis vaccines are becoming increasingly popular though, as they very often provide a solution when the in-feed anticoccidials become inefficient. In fact, live coccidiosis vaccines are able to promote the restoration of the sensitivity of Eimeria field strains towards anticoccidials.

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