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Zootechnical Workshop: "Like a trout in the water. Preventing the Problem"


On April 10th , Italian trout farmers had the privilege of participating in a unique workshop focused on key zootechnical points in trout production, the most common pathologies in the aquaculture of this fish, and the crucial technique of intraperitoneal vaccination.

workshop aqua vaccines

Jointly organized by Aquamiks and HIPRA, two prominent companies in the fields of zootechnics and aquatic health, this event brought together industry experts such as Yves Moutounet, Luca Romagnoli, Guillermo Torres, and Raúl Benito, who shared their knowledge and experiences with the participants.

aqua italy prevention

The main objective of the workshop was to address the importance of preventing problems associated with water scarcity in trout production, as well as highlighting the relevance of an adequate and controlled vaccination process. Practical methods for efficiently carrying out this intraperitoneal vaccination were presented, along with evaluation techniques to ensure its effectiveness over time.

aqua workshop prevention

This workshop provided a valuable opportunity to strengthen knowledge and skills in sustainable trout production in Italian aquaculture.