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HIPRA supports the swine industry on the reduction of ZnO


We are leading a support program for the European swine industry to face the reduction of zinc oxide at therapeutic doses next June 2022.

Within this framework, training sessions for companies and groups of veterinarians were held all around Spain. A specific section on this topic was also sponsored at SEPOR, the Murcia Livestock, Industrial and Agrifood Fair.


These sessions focused on the new scenario that arises with the reduction of zinc oxide, sharing practical experiences and relevant data in areas such as management, nutrition, gut health and effective vaccination programs against diseases derived from colibacillosis. Specifically, they talked about VEPURED®, the HIPRA vaccine against edema disease.

The invited speakers were Dr. Edgard García Manzanilla, Head of Swine Development Department at the TEAGASC research center (Ireland), Dr. Emili Barba, Corporate Brand Manager of HIPRA (Spain) and Dr. Daniel Torrents, Technical Services Manager of HIPRA Spain.

At HIPRA we want to contribute to the success of our swine industry and the new challenges that will be faced in 2022.