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Companion animal veterinarians from Spain visit HIPRA


On 14 January, HIPRA was visited by the companion animals sales team from its distributor in Spain, ECUPHAR.

With the visit of this group of veterinarians from ECUPHAR, HIPRA reinforced its confidence in the sales team and strengthened its commitment to prevention for animal health in the clinical veterinary sector for companion animals.


Lourdes Porquet, Corporate Companion Animals Business Unit Manager at HIPRA, set out the immunological principals associated with the prevention of canine diseases. She also explained how vaccines activate the immune system and about the tools that are necessary for the prevention of diseases.

She then went on to speak about the methods of production of MAXIVAC®, the name of the HIPRADOG® range of vaccines for dogs marketed by HIPRA in Spain against several diseases such as canine parvovirus, leptospirosis, distemper, hepatitis, laryngotracheitis and tracheobronchitisMAXIVAC® PARVO, MAXIVAC® PRIMA DP, MAXIVAC® PENTA and MAXIVAC® HEPTA.

Gonzalo Mas, Product Manager in the unit, presented the range of MAXIVAC® products, emphasizing the appropriate promotion of MAXIVAC® HEPTA, with its indication for use for annual revaccination. The most recent studies posted at international congresses were also presented.

During their stay, the veterinarians also had the opportunity to visit the HIPRA facilities.