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Efficacy of ICTHIOVAC® VR/PD against Listonella anguillarum in sea bass under unfavorable conditions

Authors: Sánchez-Matamoros, A.; Díaz, E.

The aim of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of ICTHIOVAC® VR/PD (vaccine against against Vibriosis in Sea Bass caused by Listonella anguillarum) at low water temperatures (<15 ºC), and with a short time interval between vaccination and challenge (21 days post-vaccination).


The results obtained demonstrate that ICTHIOVAC® VR/PD is effective in conferring immunity to Sea bass against virulent Listonella (Vibrio) anguillarum O2β strain, even under unfavorable conditions such as low temperatures and a shorter post-vaccination time (21 days).


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