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Efficacy of vaccination against biofilm-producing staphylococci as a preventive measure against subclinical mastitis in lacaune and manchega sheep in Spain

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Appeared in: National Mastitis Council, 2018
Authors: Rodríguez Fernández, J.A.; García Carrero, F.; Delgado Rodríguez, C.; Sanz Franco, M.A.

This study assesses the efficacy of vaccination against staphylococci biofilm in two breeds by measuring reductions in somatic cell count (SCC) and gains in production. It also proposes a means for calculating the return on investment (ROI) of vaccination in production.


We found that the ROI was 6 in Lacaune sheep and 9 in Manchega sheep. Vaccination with VIMCO® (HIPRA) is an effective tool in controlling subclinical mastitis caused by staphylococci.

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