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HIPRA KOREA presents its “Premium Sow Vaccine Program”


“If the sow group is shaken, the whole farm will shake, and the prevention of sudden death and immunity management of sows are areas that should be prioritized for investment and attention for stable farm operation. As a global leader in sow vaccines, we will do our best to provide excellent vaccines and training programs for customers.” 

This was the clear message that Sangwon Seo, Business Manager of HIPRA Korea, gave during the seminar called ‘Premium Sow Vaccine Program’ with over 80 farmers and swine vets in Daejeon, Korea.

sow vaccine program korea

This Premium Program introducing our Seng Range vaccines focused on the ways to reduce sow mortality and improve farm performance through field cases.  

Oriol Boix, gave a presentation about the causes and also the prevention of sow mortality, and Alex Wu supported the economic benefits of Cl. Novyi vaccination with field experiences.

In the other session, Seunghyeok Yang (Darby Genetics) and Irene Galé emphasized the hidden rhinitis problems on farms.

Aside from this main event, HIPRA Korea held local seminars in Jinju, Yeongcheon, Gwangju, Icheon and Dangjin and also provided a training session at Jeju National University where 50 veterinary medicine students from 9 national universities attended the meeting.

sow vaccine program korea