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HIPRA presents “A New era in the Prevention of Gumboro” with GUMBOHATCH® in Pakistan


The event entitled “A New era in Gumboro prevention” took place in Pakistan during the week of 3rd-7th October. This was the time chosen by HIPRA PAKISTAN to present GUMBOHATCH®, the Next Generation Immune Complex vaccine against Infectious Bursal Disease.

The launch involved road show events with stops at five of the most important cities in the country: Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Faisalabad and Islamabad and it brought together over 300 professionals from the poultry industry sector in Pakistan.

gumboro prevention

All the events started with Dr. Sergi Bruguera, Regional Manager at HIPRA, giving his opening remarks and endorsing HIPRA. Then, Dr. Yousaf Burhan BUM of HIPRA PAKISTAN explained the situation regarding IBD in Pakistan, whilst Dr. Shyong Wey Ong, RTMM at HIPRA, discussed the global impact of IBD.

Dr. Marta Busquet Solé, Global Franchise Manager at HIPRA, continued with a Technical Demonstration of GUMBOHATCH® to all the attendees. Finally, Dr. Muhammad Umer Haider, TMM at HIPRA PAKISTAN, explained the key points of the Global Hatchery Health Programme (GHHP).

With this initiative, HIPRA reaffirms its backing for the fight against Infectious Bursal Disease and once more positions itself as the reference company in prevention and diagnosis for the poultry industry.