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NASYM and HIPRABOVIS SOMNI, a reality for the Turkish market


Postponed due to pandemic restrictions in 2020, the 4th International Farm Animal Fertility and Udder Health Congress was held in TRNC on 11-14 November 2021.

Veterinarians from Azerbaijan and TRNC, especially from Turkey, showed great interest in the congress, of which HIPRA Turkey was the main sponsor.  The congress hosted a total of 524 registered users.




The first face-to-face animal health congress in this geographical region was very succesful. HIPRA presented two vaccines to fight against respiratory diseases: NASYM and HIPRABOVIS SOMNI Lkt during 2 days through different stand activities and satellite symposiums that enhanced HIPRA's global image as the reference in prevention for cattle.

Those new products will increase the power of the Turkish veterinarians in both dairy and fattening production.



The impressive and multifunctional giant HIPRA stand at the congress, the massive screen with built-in high-tech LED panels on the stand and HIPRA's high-resolution digital content also fascinated the participants. HIPRA's new corporate logo and the new global slogan, "Building Immunity for a Healthier World", which featured in all the printed materials and digital content used at the congress, could be seen everywhere.

Participants accessed the high-speed internet network in the hotel, something that was powered also by HIPRA.

"Meet the expert" sessions

The "Meet the expert" session on udder health, which was held in the HIPRA stand area every day in coordination with the Mastitis Business Unit, was a great success, with valuable contributions from Prof. Dr Paolo Moroni and Prof. Dr Yaşar Ergün.

Another "Meet the expert" session, called "BRD protection strategies", was held just after the launch of HIPRABOVIS SOMNI Lkt in the HIPRA stand area, with valuable contributions from Martijn Seelie and Zbynek Dvorak.

Prof. Dr Paolo Moroni, a well known name among Turkish veterinarians, shared important information with the participants on the subject of S. uberis and the importance of bedding management on dairy farms.

In his presentations within the scientific programme, he highlighted the importance of immunization in terms of udder health and the strength of preventive approaches combined with administrative practices.