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Autogenous Vaccines Service


Under veterinarian prescription, an autogenous vaccine might be the best solution for disease prevention when commercial vaccines are not available or do not provide the expected protection.

This HIPRA’s customized service provides an autogenous vaccine made of the bacteria isolated during a farm-specific disease outbreak and its formula and delivery method are adapted to the specific production plan of such a site.

HIPRA possesses broad experience and superior capacity in the autogenous vaccine production field, having two production plants, one in Spain and one in Brazil.

Our GMP approved state-of-the-art production centers, together with the most advanced technologies guarantee the reliable and safe manufacture of top-class vaccines to guarantee the health and safety of your fish.

To maintain these high standards of quality (GMP), we have the entire production process under control and perform tests to ensure that the product is pure and free from contaminating microorganisms, to verify its safety for animals and the environment, and to confirm its sterility.

Tracking each of these stages and the associated controls requires a minimum time of 2 to 3 months.


Autogenous vaccines services

Disease monitoring

Supported by our own DIAGNOS centre, we offer a robust diagnostic service and a strain library for the long-term storage of bacterial isolates.

Doubts about how to sample, isolate and send bacteriology samples in the best conditions possible? Check out our stepwise fish necropsy manual.

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Fish Necropsy Manual

An essential tool for disease prevention.



How it's made?

Watch here how you can get your first quality tailor-made vaccine ready to use.