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MHYOSPHERE® PCV ID arrives in Asia


Thailand is the first Asian country where MHYOSPHERE® PCV ID, the first intradermal needle-free vaccine against Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae and PCV2, all in one, has been registered.

Due to the restrictions against COVID-19, the launch took place on a television set and was broadcast via streaming, with more than 230 attendees.


The launch was attended by Professor Dachrit Nilubol, Chulalongkorn University (Thailand), who underlined the importance of the intradermal route to improve farm biosecurity and minimize the spread of diseases such as African swine fever (ASF). In the second part of the launch, the characteristics and tests of the vaccine were presented, as well as the associated services, especially AI Diagnos, (Artificial Intelligence Diagnos), an innovative artificial intelligence system to automatically evaluate lung lesions through images, making the diagnosis of enzootic pneumonia easy, simple and reliable.


At the end of the launch, the round of questions provided a greater knowledge of this innovative vaccine to all attendees. Thailand is the second country in Asia with the largest number of pigs, and the arrival of MHYOSPHERE® PCV ID will be a very important step in pig production in the country.