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Working together to boost West Paraná's Aquaculture


On August 2nd, the 2nd Symposium on Fish Farming in West Paraná was held, a region known for its significant tilapia production in earthen ponds. HIPRA took part in this important event by promoting the use of immersion vaccines, particularly to assist in controlling significant diseases such as Francisella, Streptococcus 1b, and Aeromonas, which have a greater impact on Tilapia fry in this region.

Luis Otávio and João Moutinho were present at the event, interacting with various clients and producers, maintaining the strong relationship that HIPRA has in the aquaculture market. João Moutinho gave a lecture to more than 180 participants on fish immunity, especially focusing on fry protection, positioning vaccination as a prevention tool tailored to the local production model.

Simposio Parana

In the end, João Moutinho and sector experts organized a roundtable discussion on fish health, featuring important figures such as Miguel Fernandez from Pathovet, Hugo Roa, an aquaculture market consultant, and Mr. Fabio Pietrobiazzi, a significant producer from the West Paraná region at the Guaraní farm, who has already adopted HIPRA's tailored full protection program.

During the symposium, critical topics for the region were addressed, and collaborations were initiated among all participants to achieve a stronger and more competitive aquacuture industry together.