2. HIPRA in the poultry industry


Do you know what HIPRA’s role is in poultry farming?

HIPRA was established as a pharmaceutical company in the nineteen seventies.

The first poultry vaccine that it launched in 1974 was against Newcastle disease.


It was first marketed in Spain and later in other countries in Latin America, with Venezuela the first country in which HIPRA vaccines were marketed.

Currently, HIPRA is ranked as one of the global leaders in the veterinary industry developing vaccines for Animal Health.

At HIPRA, research is a top priority.

16% of the HIPRA team and 10% of annual turnover are dedicated to R+D and registrations.


HIPRA is the reference in prevention and this vision leads us towards the most important therapeutic areas and especially those which are most relevant in terms of antibiotic-free production.

For example, vaccines against coccidiosis (EVALON® e HPRACOX®) that allow chickens to be produced without the use of coccidiostats in the feed, vaccines against the pneumovirus, an agent that predisposes animals to other respiratory disorders, and a broad range of vaccines against Newcastle disease, one of the most serious diseases on the planet.

Diagnostic service (HIPRA Diagnos) and tracing of our products on the farm and continuous training (HIPRA University) are also essential tools within our philosophy of prevention. 

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