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HIPRA Korea organizes the HIPRA UNIVERSITY “How to produce +32 PSY of good quality”


Producing a high number of piglets per sow per year looks attractive but doing it efficiently and weaning high-quality animals, becomes a challenge. 

That is why HIPRA Korea invited Enric Marco, founder of Marcovetgrup, a well-known Spanish veterinarian with a huge knowledge and global reputation in the pig industry. Enric gathered more than 200 attendees to get his practical tips, in a series of different events that took place in the areas of Seoul, Daejeon, Incheon, and Jeju.

HU Swine Korea

After an introduction to the current situation of the European swine farming challenges, Enric presented the current trends in gilts acclimatization, sow management and feeding, and the main caring points of the piglets in their early stages of life, with a very practical point of view.

HU Swine Korea

After that, Joaquín Miguel, Global Product Manager presented “High-Quality pig, the sow as the basis”, reinforcing the importance of controlling via sows’ vaccination, diseases such as neonatal diarrhoea or the infection with Bordetella bronchiseptica, that affect the piglet in their early stages of life.

HU Swine Korea

With this initiative HIPRA KOREA reinforces its commitment as a partner for the local pig companies in order to reach an efficient pig farming.