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HIPRA stands out at the NAU-ISU Forum (China)

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Inici Notícies HIPRA stands out at the NAU-ISU Forum (China)

HIPRA stands out at the NAU-ISU Forum (China)

From 18-21 September, the renowned NAU-ISU Forum Swine Production and Health Conference was held in Nanjing (China), attracting over 1,000 attendees and 30 speakers.

Thanks to the local team, HIPRA played a prominent role, holding an event focused on the development, diagnosis and control of various bacterial diseases of pigs, including colibacillosis and atrophic rhinitis, areas in which the company is currently working very intensively, this with the collaboration of a number of experts, including Dr. Guoqing Shao PhD, who belongs to the JAAS (Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences), and Dr. Alex Ramirez PhD, Professor at Iowa State University and Vice-President of the Association of American Swine Veterinarians (AASV), both of whom have extensive knowledge and experience in various diseases of swine.

With this action, HIPRA CHINA gives a further boost to its presence in the swine market in this country, where many of HIPRA's most innovative vaccines are already present, one example being RHINISENG®, which is already a big hit in this key Asian market.