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RHINISENG®: Field efficacy

Αρχική Γνώση RHINISENG®: Field efficacy

RHINISENG®: Field efficacy

RHINISENG® is a vaccine against progressive (PAR) and nonprogressive atrophic rhinitis (NPAR) indicated for pregnant sows and gilts to passively protect their offspring. The RHINISENG® recommended vaccination scheme includes a basic vaccination scheme (vaccination 8-6 weeks before farrowing and revaccination 4-3 weeks before farrowing) and a booster dose (4-3 weeks before the subsequent farrowing). This study evaluated the vaccine field efficacy of the basic vaccination scheme and the booster dose.

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Montané, J.; Noguera, M.; Monells, M.; Ruiz, M.C.; Roca, M.; Camprodon, A.; March, R.; Sitjà, M.


RHINISENG® significantly reduced the atrophic rhinitis lesions until the end of the fattening period (Figure 1) in actively infected pigs and also reduced the slaughter age (Figure 3). A significant seroconversion to PMT and Bb was induced in actively immunised sows, both after applying the RHINISENG® basic vaccination scheme and after boosting during the subsequent gestation (Figure 2). These antibodies were effectively transferred via colostrum to protect their offspring.

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