HIPRAlink® Vaccination

A professional veterinary app developed by HIPRA to provide traceability in vaccination processes for Animal Health.

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HIPRAlink® Vaccination means Controlling, Planning and Analysing.

HIPRAlink® Vaccination is the professional APP developed by HIPRA that records all vaccination data generated by your smart device (Hipradermic® or Hipraspray®), allowing you to manage, control and analyse your own vaccination activity.

HIPRAlink® Vaccination is available for Poultry and Swine vaccinations.


1. Planning

With HIPRAlink® Vaccination you can easily schedule and plan future vaccinations that will be performed in your farm(s).

2. Control

HIPRAlink® Vaccination confers control and traceability to your vaccination activity. For each session, you will have the date and hour, expiry date and batch number of the vaccine, number of doses applied, who applied them, and much more!

3. Analysis

With HIPRAlink® Vaccination you are able to see the evolution of your vaccinate activity and generate reports for an easier analysis.

HIPRAlink® Vaccination is available for smartphones and tablets (IOS, Android):

And for computers in a browser version:

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