Discover all the advantages of this advanced software that enables the capture of optical densities from an ELISA reader and the interpretation of the results in a chart.

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HIPRASoft is an advanced tool that enables all types of epidemiological study results to be easily and quickly interpreted.

This computer program captures optical densities (ODs) from an ELISA reader and interprets the results in a chart, in a language that is simple and easy to understand for the user.


  • Simple and intuitive use.
  • Issues reports.
  • Optimises the laboratory’s working time.
  • Facilitates the exchange of results between different laboratories (via e-mail).
  • Enables quality control of the work performed by the laboratory.
  • ​Easy to update.


  • Reads the ODs directly from the ELISA reader and processes their transformation to ELISA titres.
  • Prepares charts (seroprofiles, kinetic profiles, etc.).
  • Creates a database of the laboratory’s customers.
  • Produces complete and easy-to-interpret reports for delivery to the client.
  • ​Produces statistical and background reports to evaluate the quality of the laboratory’s work.

Minimum requirements

  • Operating system: Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7.
  • Free disk space: 100 megabytes.
  • ELISA reader with RS232 connection.
  • ​Can be connected to a broad range of ELISA readers (Biotek, Multiskan, Tecan, etc.).


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