5. Research in the coccidiosis field

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5. Research in the coccidiosis field

What is HIPRA researching in the coccidiosis vaccine field?

In 2008 HIPRA registered its first coccidiosis vaccine in Europe, HIPRACOX®, that is still in use today.

HIPRACOX® is the only attenuated vaccine for broilers with Eimeria praecox, making its composition ideal for broilers that very often suffer from subclinical coccidiosis.

Research at HIPRA is a priority. 10% of our turnover is dedicated to R&D.

HIPRA's Senior R&D Biologicals Manager for Coccidiosis, Marc Pagès, led the research and development of this vaccine and he is still working (together with his research group) on the development of classic vaccines as well as novel strategies against coccidia at HIPRA.

Thanks to this continuous research in the coccidiosis field, in 2015, HIPRA launched another attenuated coccidiosis vaccine intended for breeders and layers: EVALON®.

Research is the basis of HIPRA's knowledge. Innovation is the key word for us.

EVALON® was the first on the market of a new generation of adjuvanted coccidiosis vaccines with a prolonged duration of immunity up to 60 weeks of age.

Finally, in 2019, HIPRA is launching its third coccidiosis vaccine: EVANT®, an adjuvanted attenuated vaccine for broilers.

Owing to the pressing need to move away from chemotherapeutic control towards vaccination against coccidiosis in chickens, this vaccine is especially intended to help poultry producers in the prevention of coccidiosis by using only vaccination.




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