Reduction of antibiotic treatments in broilers

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Reduction of antibiotic treatments in broilers

Antimicrobial resistance has become a global public health problem in humans and livestock. As a result, the European Union decided to establish a sustainable policy for the use of antibiotics in the veterinary sector. In 2010, the Dutch government demanded that veterinary consumption of antimicrobials decrease by 50% in 2013, compared to 2009:

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Ronsmans, S.; Flament, A.; Van Erum, J.; Dardi, M.; Rubio, J.


The first aim of a coccidiosis vaccination is to prevent coccidiosis, although an indirect positive effect of coccidiosis vaccination on other diseases can be expected due to an improvement in intestinal integrity. Popular belief in broiler production tells us that more necrotic enteritis and dysbacteriosis appear in vaccinated flocks due to the lack of the anticlostridial effect of ionophores. However, no cases of necrotic enteritis were shown during this trial. Furthermore, the quantity of antibiotics used for enteric disease declined while vaccinating. These observations concur with the review of Williams (2005).

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