1. What is atrophic rhinitis?

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1. What is atrophic rhinitis?

Atrophic Rhinitis (AR) is present in every country where there is pig production, and it has two presentations: Progressive Atrophic Rhinitis (PAR) in fattening pigs, which is caused by Pasteurella multocida type D, and Non-Progressive Atrophic Rhinitis (NPAR) in nursery pigs, which is produced by Bordetella bronchiseptica.

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Although you may think that your pigs are not affected by AR, this disease is still present in almost all swine herds, its prevalence increasing because of the reduction in the use of antibiotics. This is why it is essential to understand the disease, to monitor it on your farms by oral fluid diagnosis and nasal lesion evaluation, and to prevent it by vaccinating sows and protecting all the piglets with maternal immunity.

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