Neutralization of Escherichia coli labile toxin (LT)

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Neutralization of Escherichia coli labile toxin (LT)

The objective of this study was to assess the serological response against one of the valences included in the vaccine for the neonatal diarrhoea, the Labile Toxin (LT) produced by the ETEC. First of all, the IgG seroprofile was assessed using an ELISA against the LT antigen. Afterwards, to obtain the biological significance of these antibodies, the seroneutralization properties against the LT of swine sera were analyzed.

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IOVS Congress, 2012


Gibert, X.; Coronellas, J.; Ros, M.; Camprodon, A.


The results clearly demonstrate that SUISENG® induce the production of specific antibodies against the LT toxin of Escherichia coli. The neutralization assay demonstrates that the antibodies elicited by the immunization are biologically active and they are able to neutralize completely the native toxin. The diarrhoea due to the infection with ETEC can be prevented by means of the neutralization of the main toxin (LT) responsible of the clinical signs. The immunization with SUISENG® induces the significant production neutralizing antibodies against this toxin.

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