Análisis serológico y monitorización de IBR

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Análisis serológico y monitorización de IBR

The detection of antibodies in Bulk Tank Milk (BTM) provides an easy and cheap methodology for monitoring the health status of the herd. The application of this methodology to the detection of IBR-gE antibodies presents some limitations. Blocking IBRgE-ELISAs have low sensitivity. So, IBRgE-ELISAs are only capable of detecting positive tanks when the prevalence in the animals in production is greater than 15-20%. Under these conditions, gE detection in the BTM is not adequate for monitoring the tank and even less so for the classification of the farms. The objective of this work is to develop and validate an IgG concentration method to increase the sensitivity of the IBR-gE detection systems in BTM sample.

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12 sept. 2016


These results indicate that the proposed IgG concentration system does not affect the specificity of the ELISA but increases the sensitivity, having allowed in this study to detect tanks with the lowest prevalence (4%).

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