HIPRA launches HIPRABOVIS® 4 in Turkey

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Beranda Berita HIPRA launches HIPRABOVIS® 4 in Turkey

HIPRA launches HIPRABOVIS® 4 in Turkey

HIPRA participated as a principal sponsor in the “2nd Cattle fertility and mastitis congress” which was organized in Bafra in North Cyprus from April 26th to 29th last. Over 400 veterinarians from the Turkish dairy sector attended the event.

During a satellite symposium, HIPRA presented the new tetravalent viral vaccine which was recently registered in Turkey: HIPRABOVIS® 4, combined vaccine against IBR, PI3, BVD and BRS viruses, in injectable suspension).

At this event, Dr Santiago Casademunt Garre gave a presentation entitled “Characteristics of BRSV infections in cattle and their impact on health and production”, so that he could share with the audience details of the Bovine Respiratory Syncytial Virus (BRSV) and its importance in different cattle production and age groups.

During the presentation, the speaker emphasized the importance of the direct and indirect costs associated with the Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD), which is caused by 4 main viruses (IBR, BVB, BRSV, PI3).

In addition, Vincent Robles, Reproductive Ruminants Brand Manager, presented to the veterinary audience the global solution proposed by HIPRA for the control of these 4 important viruses – which not only cause BRD, but also reproductive disorders – a compound of the tetravalent vaccine HIPRABOVIS®4 and an innovative diagnostic tool, BOVIRESPcheck®, to identify viruses by PCR. Dr.

Robles pointed out that vaccination was possible from young animals to adult cows, providing protection for all the animals in the herd. This new milestone reinforces HIPRA as the ideal partner for prevention, providing vets with practical and effective solutions for health control in cattle.