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Let's talk about Sow Mortality

Control of Sow Mortality by Clostridium novyi vaccination in Argentina

IPVS 2020

Agosto, M.; Corletti, G.; Fernandez, S.; Boix, O.


The aim of this study was to evaluate the impact of Cl.novyi immunization by using a commercial vaccine as a tool for the prevention of sudden death.



One of the most common problems faced in the field is the increase in sow mortality rates and therefore the economic impact that this represents. It is not unusual nowadays to find mortality rates that were considered unacceptable just a few years ago.

Clostridium novyi (Cl.noyvi) is an anaerobic, gram-positive and alpha toxin-producing microorganism that causes porcine infectious necrotic hepatitis. Sudden death in sows is commonly seen during the peripartum period (near the end of gestation and during farrowing).




These results suggest that on this farm, Clostridium novyi was one of the main aetiological agents responsible for sow mortality. After the implementation of a vaccination programme against the alpha toxin, the mortality rate was significantly reduced.

It is noteworthy that good diagnostic tools to detect the presence of C.novyi may form a key part of this process. Further studies should be performed to evaluate the role of Clostridium novyi in problems of sudden death in sows.




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