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RHINISENG®: Field safety

RHINISENG® is a vaccine against progressive (PAR) and nonprogressive atrophic rhinitis (NPAR) indicated for pregnant sows and gilts to passively protect their offspring. The RHINISENG® recommended vaccination scheme includes a basic vaccination scheme (vaccination 8-6 weeks before farrowing and revaccination 4-3 weeks before farrowing) and a booster dose (4-3 weeks before the subsequent farrowing). This study evaluated the vaccine field safety of the basic vaccination scheme and the booster dose.

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Noguera, M.; Montané, J.; Monells, M.; Ruíz, M. C.; Roca, M.; Camprodon, A.; Sitjà, M.; March, R.


No systemic or abnormal local reactions were observed. Both, the basic vaccination scheme and the booster scheme had no effects on the reproductive performance of sows. No abortions were observed over the study period or teratogenic effects on the progeny. No differences were observed in the liveborn piglet, stillborn piglet and mummified foetus average between control and vaccinated sows (Table 1). RHINISENG® demonstrated an optimal safety under field conditions in pregnant sows and gilts.

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