HIPRA Diagnos

Access an advanced diagnostic service with maximum comfort and reliability. HIPRA’s Diagnos service allows you to send us the samples and view the results online in record time.

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Fast and reliable laboratory testing coupled with consulting

HIPRA Diagnos is a comprehensive support service for field veterinarians consisting of fast and reliable laboratory testing, coupled with a timely consulting service. It is aimed at preventing the onset of infectious diseases that have the greatest impact on animal production.

Results available online

A complete report of results, following applicable quality and confidentiality guidelines, is then delivered directly from the laboratory to the customer. In addition, registered users of the HIPRA Diagnos service can conveniently view the results of their analyses online (using a computer, iPad or iPhone).


The advanced automated and computer-controlled system of testing processes incorporate a LIMS application (Laboratory Information Management System). Thanks to the system and the thorough work of our specialised staff, HIPRA offers an effective and comprehensive service in minimum time.

A research tool to guide decisions

The utility of the services offered by Diagnos in clinical practice becomes clear when reviewing its widespread use in various sectors of Animal Health. For example, “Startcheck” by STARTVAC®, which is a service aimed at the detection of the main mastitis-causing bacteria in cattle, using dehydrated milk samples preserved on FTA cards, has been used in prevalence studies of contagious and environmental bacteria in bulk tank milk in various countries (see here for two examples).

Other services, such as “Gumbocheck” by HIPRAGUMBORO® and “Avianpneumocheck” by HIPRAVIAR®, help to guide decisions about the control through vaccination of Infectious bursitis and swollen head syndrome in poultry.

Latest technology for detecting pathogen nucleic acid

In addition to traditional bacteriological and serological analyses, HIPRA Diagnos has recently incorporated the latest technology available in molecular biology for detecting pathogen nucleic acid. These services, along with a modern web-based reporting system, enable HIPRA to give a rapid response to veterinarians’ diagnostic needs.

Own diagnostic centres

HIPRA owns several diagnostic centres located on three different continents, which avoids the need to outsource services. In all Diagnos centres, samples are tested and stored during their lifetime in accordance with good laboratory practices.

HIPRA Diagnos service in figures

The confidence that has been created in this HIPRA service in the last 25 years is reflected in the use made of the service, with about 525,000 serological analyses, 17,500 molecular analyses and 5,100 microbiological analyses per year, among other special services.

Unique disease detection systems

Innovation is always present at HIPRA. As such, our Diagnos service is constantly incorporating new and unique disease detection systems, which together with HIPRA’s vaccines drive the prevention of infectious diseases, reducing the economic losses arising therefrom.

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