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HIPRA UNIVERSITY course on swine atrophic rhinitis

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Página inicial Notícias HIPRA UNIVERSITY course on swine atrophic rhinitis

HIPRA UNIVERSITY course on swine atrophic rhinitis

Following the expansion of the HIPRA UNIVERSITY course focussing on progressive and non-progressive swine atrophic rhinitis throughout the world, it has been held again several times during the second half of this year, specifically in 3 countries on 2 different continents (Spain, Russia and Philippines).

Enric Marco, owner of MARCO VETGRUP S.L., and internationally renowned consultant, contributed to the courses. Representing HIPRA were Alba Martos (Corporate Product Manager of RHINISENG®), Jordi Camarasa (Technical-Commercial Service, HIPRA Spain), Judit Ibars (Area Representative, HIPRA Spain), Joseph Emil Rubico (TMM HIPRA Philippines), Ming Hsun Wu (RTMM Asia), Liudmyla Dudar (RTMM, HIPRA Russia), Andrii Vasyliv (TS, HIPRA Russia) and Dmitry Polutov (TMM HIPRA Russia).

The sessions included the most important theoretical aspects of the disease such as its clinical presentations, diagnosis and vaccination as the principal method of prevention, and a practical session that focussed essentially on the evaluation of the nasal turbinates for the diagnosis of the disease, during which participants were able to actively interact in the evaluation and discussion of the result.

The course forms part of the HIPRA UNIVERSITY continuing education programme that offers customised training solutions for veterinarians. With this initiative, HIPRA strengthens its commitment to Prevention in Animal Health and atrophic rhinitis.